Flyleaf Theatre Company


By William Shakespeare
January 2014

CAST (in order of appearance)

Orsino: Quinton Kappel

Curio: Ellie Howard

Valentine/Fabian: Grant Jacoby

Viola: Anne Slotnick

Sir Toby Belch: Nick Coccoma

Maria: Katie Speed

Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Krisha Hoyt

Feste: Sonya Richards

Oliva: Jen Drummond

Malvolio: Jake Lewis

Antonio: Cristhian Mancinas-Gracia

Sebastian: Robert Slotnick

Priests, Sailors, Offcers, Musicians, and other Attendants: Ellie Howard

Producers: Amanda Casale & Jonathan Parker Eldridge

Director: Mariagrazia La Fauci

Choreographer: Michelle Pasternak Leibowitz

Scenic Design: Al Forgione

Costume Design: Daniel Forrest Sullivan

Lighting Design: Benjamin Blum

Hair & Make Up: Haley Kulow

Fight Choreography: Robert Slotnick

Dramaturgy: Krisha Hoyt

Music Consultant: Ryan Kendall

Production Manager: Haley Kulow

Stage Manager: Gwen Williams

Technical Director: Al Forgione

Run Crew: Haley Kulow

Spotlight Operators: Amanda Casale & Michaela Foody

Graphic Design: Quinton Kappel

Production Photography: Derek Speed & Caroline Kurman

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