By Euripides, translation by Michael Walton
August/September 2017


Silenus/Hecuba: Federico Trujillo

The Satyr: Colson Dorafshar

Odysseus: Lewis Bruniges

The Cyclops: Andrew Laithwaite

Director: Mariagrazia La Fauci

Scenic Design: Sandra Gustafsson

Costume Design: Kilah Williams

Lighting Design: Jake Mahwinney

Vocal Support: Jeremy Finch

Design Supervisor: Fin Renshaw

Production Manager: Anoushka Hughes-Lewis

Technical Stage Manager: Sophia Buchanan

Production Sound Engineer: Cameron Moore

Production Assistant: Faith Hucklesby

Production Carpenter: Milo McGrath

Graphic Design: Quinton Kappel

Production Photography: Terry Smith

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