Phoenix Players


By Danny Donabedian `17
Saint Joseph Preparatory High School
March 2014


Captain Madeleine Parrot: Nina Forcellati
Albert Pennyworth: Cameron Chang
The Baroness: Kate Orzechowski
La Contessa: Mary Evers

Evelyn: Samantha McCue

Old Victoria: Sara Kiritsy

One-Eyed Billy: Phillipe Legagneur

Miss Incognito: Elaine Wang

Lord Richard Pennyworth: Natalie Pierre-Louis
Martha: Taylor Myers
Captain Gin: Andrew Donabedian
Cheers: Iva Penezic
Raven: Chunkai Wong
Angel: Soo Whan Park:
The Chiquitas: Ruolin Zhang, Mercedes Edwards, and Allison McIntosh

Director: Mariagrazia LaFauci

Assistant Director: Joseph Pasquinelli

Music Director: damian israel shiner

Assistant Music Director: Stephanie Vasquez

Costume Design: Laurie Watson

Lighting Design: Chris Fournier

Fight Choreography: Robert Slotnick

Technical Director: Joe Forcellati

Build Crew: Dave Mordas, Bart Paresi

Scenic Artist: Anastasia Ricoy ’14

Stage Crew: Matthew Muldowney ’17, Derik Griffin ’17, AJ Wilshire ’17

Graphic Design: damian israel shiner

House Manager: Jessica Kwon ’17


Piano: Ju Eun Lee ’14

Bass: Claire Kim ’16

Guitar: damian israel shiner

Percussion: Joe Betz

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