Musical Forum


By Dan Goggin
Brown University
November 2010


Sister Mary Regina: Annie Kocher

Sister Mary Hubert: Blair Perry

Sister Robert Anne: Amanda Vernon

Sister Mary Amnesia: Rebecca Lichten

Sister Mary Leo: Karin Nilo

​Producers: David Brown & Brady Waibel

Director: Mariagrazia LaFauci

Musical Director: Lance Jabr

Choreographers: Graciela Kincaid & Madeline Heil

Scenic Design: Rose Curley

Costume Design: Kerry Hall & Natalie Kleeman

Lighting Design: Brette Ragland & Dominic Wu

Sound Design: Mark Betzel

Media Design: Alp Ozcelik & Mark Betzel

Puppet Design: Sean Devare

Dramaturgy: Alp Ozcelik

Production Manager: Jared Bellot

Stage Manager: Sam Boger

Assistant Stage Managers: Nick Gaya & Julie Helmers

Technical Director: Josh Deshaies

Properties Manager: Kathryn Linder

Graphic Design: Sean Devare


Piano/Conductor: Lance Jabr

Synthesizer: David Brown

Reeds: Brady Waibel

Percussion: Jack Boeglin 

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